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Laura Helbing, born in Amsterdam and currently based in Berlin, is a film editor who graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2022. There, she learned how to edit both fiction and documentary films, as well as commercials.

In her second year at the Film Academy, she went to refugee camp Moria (Lesvos, Greece) to volunteer as a teaching artist with Refocus MediaLabs, doing workshops about filmmaking with the residents of the camp who were participating as students in the Refocus MediaLabs film program.

In 2021, she moved to Berlin to do an internship with editor Marion Tuor on the CPH:DOX opening film Into The Ice, directed by Lars Henrik Ostenfeld.

After moving back to Amsterdam to finish her studies, she edited two short films for her graduation: the documentary LOUDER! So I Can Hear You directed by Laura Bokhoven, and the fiction film To Break A Butterfly, directed by Kate Hummel.


For Laura, editing is the moment in the process where the film can really take shape and comes together as a whole. She is interested in working on socially engaged films that can bring new perspectives to the audience, and strives to find a filmic experience that goes beyond the daily reality.

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